Rozex Gel and Rosacea
Rozex Gel and Rosacea

My name is Angela Underwood and I have suffered for many years from the embarrassing and chronic condition known as acne rosacea. After reading my blog you may feel better able to make an appropriate decision about which products work best for you in treating this tiresome skin complaint.

In my mid to late thirties I was completely stressed out by a condition I did not understand why my face was bright red with unsightly pustules and I had never heard of acne rosacea. I had always assumed that it was teenagers who got acne caused by the hormonal changes of puberty. I was experiencing a red nose and bright red face that made me feel very self-conscious. Also my skin felt continually flushed and itchy. My nose in particular seemed to attract the condition and so reluctantly I went to my GP. Rozex Gel was what he prescribed at the time, though I now know there are many other products that can be used very effectively to treat this condition

Rozex Gel

Rozex Gel is a clear colourless gel that has to be applied to the entire affected area twice daily, morning and evening after washing. You have to be careful that you do not get it too close to your eyes since they can become watery. While Rozex Gel certainly helped my condition, it also dried my skin, so much so that I began to research alternatives in more detail.

Your doctor can prescribe antibiotic tablets which are effective while you take them. The bottom line is there is no cure for acne rosacea but it can be managed. These days I have a skin routine which works for me. I cleanse my face with the mildest cleansers on the market. Avoid perfumed products at all costs. The Simple range are excellent, also Johnson baby products. Personally I cleanse with Johnson unperfumed baby lotion, than with Garnier Fresh Essentials cleansing gel wash. Next I moisturise with Simple Clear Skin oil balancing moisturiser. Both are gentle products and this, I think, is the key to effective management of this skin affliction. I wear Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser SPF15 and when I clean off my makeup I again use Johnson baby lotion, followed by Simple pore minimising tonal cleanser. This has a cooling effect on my skin.

Rozex Gel supplementary treatments

I have weaned myself off Rosex Gel and when the condition flares up, I take a course of prescribed antibiotics ( Lymecyline) to zap it before it takes hold. My skin routine keeps me free from the condition for at least three months at a time.

I have spoken with many other people who have treated the condition with cortisone injections, Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie (very expensive),E.T.S Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy
( surgery that cuts off the skin ability to blush), a combo laser of IPL and another laser (Genesis) which acts as a coolant, Prosacea( a facial product that kills bacteria), Dr Bonners tea tree soap, supplements like Chlorella and Alfalfa, organic honey as a quickie moisturiser mask, Vitamin B and Neutrogena Bar for cleansing using soft not hard water.

This article is only for beneficial purposes. This article is not intended as medical advice and it isn’t a substitute for specialist advice. rosacea treatment